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Solving the “It works on my machine” syndrome

This is the last post in the simplify docker series ( if you haven't read the previous ones, go ahead and read them, it will make more sense afterward — part I & part II). This time I’ll cover networks, docker-compose, docker volumes, and more.

What is it all about with docker-compose?

Docker-compose allows you to define…


Solving the “It works on my machine” syndrome

I covered the basics of creating and building Docker images in part I (if you haven’t read that yet, I would recommend it since this part is based on it). In this part, I’ll explain how to run and delete an image of the container you’ve built.

Solving the “It works on my machine” syndrome

I’ve heard a lot about dockers, even had some experience with it as part of my graduate degree. Still, as the old saying goes, learning is by doing. By doing, I mean using the stuff you want to learn as part of your daily work (instead of using it…

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It's like learning to ride bicycles whole over again

As long as I recall my relationship with computers, I’ve been using Windows. I customized everything to the perfection that fits my needs. Whether it's keyboard shortcuts, specific applications (like this one) that helped do my work, scripts, and more. …

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What is YAML? And how it works?

Recently I switched jobs, and as part of this change, I’ve been introduced to a whole new tech stack. RabbitMQ 🐰, Java Spring, Docker, etc. (meaning more subjects to write about 😂). Most of the technologies I use on a daily basis consume YAML as their configuration. …

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But I’m a (scope) creep…what the hell am I doin’ here?

Here is a situation that I am pretty sure every team or individual contributor has encountered throughout his career. You get well-defined requirements, review them, ask questions, adjust them with your product owner, and prepared one heck of SW design. Soon after, the implementation phase begins, and a few hours…

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It’s complicated; Dealing with workplace drama.

Everybody, at some point, will encounter a challenging colleague. Being able to deal with a person like that is part of developing conflict resolution skills and learning to overcome those setbacks.

In the following paragraphs, I will try to illustrate how I deal with these situations.

What do you mean by difficult people? 🤔

To be honest, we…

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On the focused effort of making a working prototype

There are many ways you can determine whether a new feature will add value to the product or turn out to be a complete waste of time. For instance, you can undertake user research, analyze the demands of the market, and study existing solutions. …


Why a retrospective meeting is a best practice for any team

Does the team complain about bottlenecks that slow them down? The same things happen over and over again? Luckily there is a simple practice that, in my experience, can help instantly. What I actually mean is, does your team take part in a retrospective meeting? No?! …

Dvir Segal

Senior software engineer. Love to ask questions and write about their answers.

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