A brief introduction to YAML

What is YAML? And how it works?

Learn the YAML way — src.

It is what it is 🤨

Well, what is it used for? 😒


How does it work? 💪🏻

Writing YAML — src
integer: 17 
string: "17"
float: 17.0
boolean: Yes
--- # To Do List in Block Format - Homework 
- Walk with the dog
- Dog should eat homework
--- # To Do List in Inline Format [Homework, Walk with the dog, Dog should eat homework]
data: |    
Each of these
Will be broken up
data: >
This text is
wrapped and will
be formed into
a single paragraph
Do you want to know more? -src
YAML Tutorial — src

To Wrap Up 🌯

YAML -src

Senior software engineer. Love to ask questions and write about their answers.

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